Helping your child with reading

Reading at home: Marwood guide

Reading at home Entry in Reading Record / Journal
EYFS 5 times a week Parent comment for each read
KS1 5 times a week 15-20mins Parent comment for each read
LKS2 5 times a week 15-20mins

3 times at least to an adult


At least 3 parent entries a week

Children start to record their own reading too.

Children select a different activity from the list each time they finish a book.

UKS2 Daily of which at least 2 reads a week to/ with an adult at least 15-20 mins 2 adult entries a week + at least 3 child entries

Children can record their own reading and do one reading activity a week from the list as homework.


The ‘5 Finger Check’ to see if a book is the right level of challenge


How can you help your child with their reading


Reading questions for parents


How your child will be taught phonics at Marwood Primary 


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50 Recommended Reads for your child’s age

Sign up for a FREE Oxford Reading Owl eBook Library to access a wider range of books at the level we have identified for them at  Marwood Primary.


Ask your child about the Chitra Soundar visit and book signing


Useful websites to support reading at home:

Websites with great activities for children:

Letters and Sounds

Children’s book awards:

 Blue Peter Book Award (
 Carnegie Medal & Kate Greenaway Medal
 Costa Children’s Award (
 Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize
 The Children’s Book Award (formerly Red House Book